How it works

The way you interact with Tossca depends on the role you take.

_roles Individualcontributor Contributingcompany Project Manager InitiatingContributingcompany License Project Tossca

Initiating Company

The company starts the project, selects the license, grants rights to Tossca and selects the initial project manager.

Project Manager

The project manager has to ensure that only contributions by people who have signed an agreement with Tossca are accepted.


The project selects its license, Tossca grants this license to the users of the project.

Contributing Company

Companies allow selected employees to collaborate on Tossca projects as contributors or project managers.

Individual Contributors

Contributors may be employees of contributing companies or collaborate on their own terms.

Project Governance

What is the difference between developing your usual Open Source project and developing a Tossca project? Almost none.

Project Manager

The only difference is that the project manager needs to check whether the contributor has signed an agreement with Tossca before accepting a contribution.