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Embrace the advantages of developing and publishing Open Source Software in collaboration with other companies. Tossca helps to make this collaboration easy.

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It's About Time to Simplify Things.

Starting an open source software project as a single company might be simple and not too complex, but that's not very efficient. In order to save time and money you need a way to collaborate with others.

Legal Situation

As soon as several parties contribute to a single project the legal aspects become difficult. Each single party needs to negotiate agreements about licenses and patents with each other.


When accepting contributions of others the project takes some risks. The contributions may inadvertently violate the licenses, patents or intellectual properties of third parties.

Risks for the Project

If one of the parties involved withdraws from the project the whole construct of agreements may fall apart and the project may lose important licenses.

The Simple Solution

Using the Tossca model all parties contributing to the project sign a contract with and grant a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable license to Tossca. Tossca then grants a license to all users of the project on the same terms.

This way the users and contributors are secure and the model is clear and simple for all parties involved.


Tossca fosters the collaboration of developers and companies while developing OSS. Open source code and existing communities already support collaboration between and creativity of developers. For developers OSS already is very attractive.

Companies have discovered the advantage of OSS as well, in particular as many have already been users of OSS in many contexts. Through collaboration with other companies they become able to create better software more efficiently while saving money and strengthening the motivation of their employees.

With Tossca taking over the role of a broker the complexity is reduced for all parties involved. Developer only need to get clearance by their employers for contributing to a Tossca project once. Companies re-use confirmed and proven contracts and agreements.


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Easily Obtain Legal Security.

Any Open Source Software licensed by Tossca gets the Tossca Seal. As a user you can trust the software to adhere to the standards set by Tossca.

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